Monday, June 22, 2015

City in Crisis through a Green Prism...

Well as of Sunday night, "City in Crisis" is done and delivered!

Thanks to seeing it a million times during production, it's hard to gauge if something you've created is working on any level by the time it's done. Just the way it goes... So what's the solution?

Well I have one... some may not like it.

I went to my basement, cued it up on the biggest TV, shut off the lights, and (most importantly) I got baked.

It's nothing new, but I've always said that watching something stoned is like watching it for the first time. You notice shit you might not notice otherwise, and can step outside your usual expectations.

So I watched all 5 episodes - which run about 4 minutes - in a row, and just took it all in.


Well, I think it's pretty good anyway... ha.

Nothing like laughing at your own jokes. Of course a lot of the laughs were due to my great voice talent, who also came up with some gem's along the way.

After that little viewing, I'm more confident in screening it for the studio I work at. Sure there may be crickets, but I REALLY feel like I need that experience. I need to see an audience either laugh or flat-out hate something I've done. Either reaction will be entertaining!

Will link to the project when it goes live on Mondo next week.

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