Tuesday, July 7, 2015

City in Crisis GOES LIVE!

Not going to lie... I was extremely nervous about the release of my first co-created show. The internet is a hard, harsh place...

but July 4th it went up...

While America was enjoying some red, white and blue, City in Crisis episode 1 went up on the Mondo youtube page.

I woke up around 1:00 PM that day (I'm a late riser) and immediately checked youtube. There it was. I scrolled down to the comments expecting a gong show of hate...

You see, the show isn't EXACTLY what I was expecting. While it turned out fine, it wasn't how I originally saw it in my head. So mix that with having seen it a few hundred times, I kind of had no idea if it was working at all. If I had to place bets, I would assume it was a failure.

But the comments weren't half bad... at all... in fact they were mostly positive.

im intrigued, make more!

Sharks voice is gorgeous. PLS make series of this.

I'm just gonna come out and say it, I'd love for just this to be the entire thing. Just every time its the two of them having awkward conversation on a rooftop

I give a greenlight to this

This was great, really fun

Love it. 9/10

I like it - a lot of random dialogue from one topic to the next. :)

Of course there were a few detractors...

how did this idea get passed the brainstorming phase?  Its like they gave a turd consciousness and asked it for some ideas.......

So as of today it is sitting at 41,000 views with 2000 likes and 130 or so dislikes.

So I'd say we're doing okay...


Episode 2 goes up Saturday, and then one every week til we burn out the 5 episodes.

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