Wednesday, October 21, 2015

I'm terrible with social media...

Hey hey!

I forgot I had this blog. I also constantly forget that I have twitter, instagram, vine, a facebook page... a WEBSITE for my company - like I said in the title, "I'm terrible with social media".

If just feels like a giant waste of time, really, unless you're a well-known creative.

A well-known creative, I am not.

Shuttup, Yoda. You're only there cuz I had an image of you I posted on a forum for a guy hoping to be surprised by episode 7.

When you post a photo to Facebook on October 21, 2015 of you dressed as Marty, next to your company co-creator, and best pal, dressed as Doc, and are BLOWN AWAY by 39 likes... you are not great with social media.

Yes...that's a lightsaber on my belt. I was drunk.

For example, my wife can post a pic of a leaf and get 112 likes.

Now a lot of that is a popularity contest (which my wife would win against me any day) but I think a BIG part of the social media scene is consistency.

If a started a blog on Who was REALLY the Boss, Tony or Angela, and did a commentary on each episode, and opinionated and tally'd up my results... and tally'd the votes of viewers, but only got 3 episodes in before losing interest... well why would anyone follow? Why would it grow and find an audience? Would it have even found one?

Why write this blog? Who's reading? A random RPF member who see's this blog as a link in my profile?

Is it found cuz one person likes City Shark and does a search? Suppose that did/does happen... what do they think of a blog that has its last post dated 6 months ago.

I just looked to see what I last blogged about, and I haven't even posted the latest City in Crisis eps!

Oh. Here they are... all five of them... Enjoy?

Oh well that was fun, eh? Wanna see more.

Oh it's happening. I have written 5 episodes with my co-creator, and it's going into animation as of today. I'll try and be more media savvy this time, cuz... well... I'm trying not to be lazy about my career. I've done pretty well for myself as a guy who gives it about 40%... imagine if I could get it to 47%.

Anyway, here's a sneak peek!

Oh... and I actually own this site:


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